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    Well folks. A lot of people come on here to gripe and moan about stuff, but here's a bit of good stuff...

    This year, a buddy of mine, and I decided to buy a pair of layout blinds. We decided on the Cabelas Northern Flight Mobile 1. So last week, I went to the local store, and bought the last one in stock, and then went online and bought the 2nd one.

    Much to my chagrin, they just went on sale for $80 off, today.

    So I called Cabelas yesterday, and spoke to one of their CS agents. She said she couldn't do anything until the sale started, but as soon as the sale starts, to call back in.

    I just got off the phone, and am very pleased. Not only am I getting "price matched" for the online order ( which is still in transit), and they'll refund the $80 plus taxes to my credit card, but I don't even have to go back to the store for the in store purchase. I just emailed them a copy of my receipt, with my proce match request, and they'll send me out a gift card for the same amount. ( Saved me the drive, and it's not like they're not going to get the money anyhow).

    They price match on anything bought in the last 90 days as well.

    Very pleased with their service. This is not the first time they've gone over and above, but definitely are doing their part to earn my business.
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    You have 90 days to return it, so you could just return it and then buy it again. This was the option some time ago but companies have decided to do what makes sense and do exactly what you said.

    Like you said, a gift card, they don't care at all about giving you store credit, they win anyway.

    Way to go getting a hold of them though, that says a lot, big companies are not always as easy to nail down.

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    That is a good outcome. The retailers get a lot of bad comments on here (some deserved), it is good to hear some favorable outcomes.

    Personally I have returned two items to Cabelas (for replacements, or size adjustments) with no problems or grief. The process was well managed.

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    I bought a Moultre card viewer a Cabela's in Barrie on Wednesday that was priced at $170 but there was one rack, same viewer, that had a sale sticker on it for $90 . Showed the clerk and even though sale was over on Sept 1st, they honoured the lower price. Clerk was very helpful and friendly.

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