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Thread: Purchasing A Dog?...Please Read!

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    Here are some very important guidelines when considering a Dog/Breeder...please understand that it does not apply to all breeds but it covers most of the important issues. These are not rules implimented by Huntontario for the selling of Dogs...the rules for the For sale section are at the top of that Forum...please read them. I would like to thank our Forum members for bringing this topic to my attention and for a copy of these guidelines....if you have any questions with anything in this post or in your decission when looking for a Dog/Breeder...please post your questions in the Dog Forum. We have many seasoned Pros for all breeds who will go out of their way to help with this decission.

    Here are some suggestions:
    -buy from reputable breeder
    -ask for references(previous buyers)
    -ask to see sire/dam if possible
    -meet them at their kennel
    -ensure registration process is in place-CKC,AKC CHASE/HUNTER"S HORN ( both for foxhounds)
    -illegal to sell purebred dogs without papers
    -it is breeder's responsibility to provide-not the prospective buyer(papers)
    -what veternarian services have been completed(wormed,initial shots,micro chipped?,dew claws removed,general health check.
    -parents should have clearance #'s for hips/elbows/eyes for labs,goldens require an additional test
    -CNM and EIC clearances should be available.Check www.working-retriever for explanation of last two and videos of infected dogs.
    -demonstartion of competencies.
    -provide pedigree c/w additional info regarding parents/grandparents etc
    -written gurantee for minimum of 26 months as hips can not be read until a dog turns 2 yrs. of age. Other tests can be done anytime.Hips can not be certified by vet-they take xrays-but then sent to GUelph or OFH in USA.
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