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Thread: A Nunavut Nomad for Arctic Char.

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    ^Bunk, I had read other stories and seen video reports with the skids of soda pop that make it into these communities but to read your accounts of the 'addiction' (911 calls?) is worrisome. Good nutrition is not only necessary for physical well being but mental development as well. The overall health (by your numbers) seem to be way below average, is that accurate?

    These communities, unless the majority can find something meaningful in their lives, seem doomed to mediocrity at best and lifelong misery at worse.

    Good on you for having the fortitude to do what you do and being able to deal with it without becoming overwhelmed.

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    Well, the nurse on call in the community is not really 911. After hours the availability is supposed to exist for healthcare emergencies. While on-call (and it happened to pretty well every RN working at the time) I received two calls, with one after midnight, for sodie pop! Yeah, it's frustrating but maybe not anything to do with actual addiction. With a single can able to fetch likely $15-20, some may have just been shopping around for some buying and selling profits. lol.

    Nutrition is absolutely horrible outside of the traditional foods consumed. Thankfully, there seems to be no shortage of game meats off the land. Best sellers at the store though, all junk food, and that sucks for the next generations coming up. I can't believe a bag of Mrs. Vickies (my favorite) was $10.59+ tax too. Doomed to misery and mediocrity I dunno. In trouble now and in the future to worsening health as a society and greater obstacles ahead, yes I believe that, unless things change.... Try and hope for the best, and do my part where I can. Having strong outlets like family and fishing to offset the emergency work done in the south and outpost in the north, has always made life easier at the end of any day.

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