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Thread: Annual Auditor Generals report

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3030 View Post
    The new paving job in port on the 7A is a real gem of a job
    Very poor paving job. Miler is at it this morning.What a joke
    Life is to short to hunt with a ugly dog

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    Lol yep.
    Im in Little Britain and drive through Port all the time.

    But imagine being a resident of either Brooklin or North Shwa. #7 through Brooklin has been a "disaster" for years. Simcoe south of the Port likewise has had a few miles worth of work, and the intersections of Tuanton/Simcoe or Taunton/Harmony, are insane. They've been getting paved, torn up, paved again for years.

    The bridge over the "to come" 407 must have been paved atleast twice in the past 2 years . And it's currently under construction yet again, just months after it finally completed and the 407 opened.......How many miles of asphalt have they put down on the new 407 and 412?

    "Miller and Tory and his tolls".
    Yep, he's off his rocker.
    And while the 905 certainly needs all this to both open it up for commerce and commuting, and subsequently handle all the people moving there. Imagine the poor people in anywhere North, East and West of the GTA helping to pay for all this stuff, then pay for it again and again and upside down bridges and who the heck knows.

    Miller/Tory should go play a fiddle somewhere.

    All this stuff and the other thread about proposed new Fed taxes all relate to one another.
    Everyone screaming, or wanting or justifiably needing $$. Who can argue with all the money being spent East of the city. The West got it years ago, the East is getting pummelled now as people try to find affordable housing. And up until about 4 years ago, it was a brutal bottle neck.

    But as everyone fights for table scraps and every ministry fights for funding, or the people in them fight for their jobs or livelihoods.

    Forgotten somewhere in all of it
    The typical working stiff who is getting it nine ways to Sunday.
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