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Thread: ON Issue #21 - Businesses not coming to or leaving Ontario

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    51 more jobs going to Florida due to "efficiencies" .... utility costs and taxes? I like Antiguan or Barbados rum best but still it is another 51 families impacted.

    Bacardi Canada will be shutting down and selling its Brampton bottling plant in the coming months, which will end an almost five-decade presence in the city.
    "Bacardi carefully considered all other options before making this decision, which was necessary due to the changing business environment over many years in Canada and the importance of increasing efficiency to ensure the company's future competitiveness," said the statement.

    The company plans to sell the Brampton site and will move to a new office location in the Toronto area. They said the closure won't affect Bacardi supply in Canada.

    Two-thirds of Brampton's production will be transferred to the company's facility in Jacksonville, Florida.
    The Brampton facility produces more than seven million litres of rum for the Canadian market each year. Bacardi Canada has been based in Brampton since 1969.

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    Bacardi's slogan "Now you can have it all" now has a true succinct meaning.

    More companies will fall or leave under carbon taxing and cap and trade. It will only drive fuel and heating pricing higher which has a huge ripple effect across an economy.

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    ~The company plans to sell the Brampton site and will move to a new office location in the Toronto area. They said the closure won't affect Bacardi supply in Canada.

    ~Meanwhile, the announcement of the closure comes less than a year after Bacardi Canada was awarded a government grant worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to support the plant's operations.

    nuff" Said.

    /looks at the job market these days, especially if you aren't "pedigreed". A world and demand ( to have 3 letters that days are so watered down they've lost their meaning)...created by whom?

    over and over and over and over.
    And its the wealthy white collar professionals, often with job security and more of TO and the GTA that rarely pay the prices.

    Whether it's prices like these, having wind farms ramned down their throats and in their back yards, or even the higher rates/delivery charges the "working" class and so much more, get to pay for their gluttony.
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    "The welfare state is the oldest con game in the world. First you take people's money away quietly and then you give some of it back to them flamboyantly." Thomas Sowell

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    Movin on out, yep they're movin on out!

    Layoff notices issued for 625 workers at CAMI
    A little more than a month after they learned their jobs were on the line, over 600 workers at the CAMI automotive plant in Ingersoll have received their official layoff notices.

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    I'm sorry Mosquito,can you help me out. Growing up in the heart of downtown TO, I've never heard of Ingersoll, is that in Eastern, or NE Ontario somewhere?

    Maybe somewhere where land taxes are going through the roof ( and I can't imagine a plant closing is going to help with the municipal budget that surely relies on corporate taxation), where Hydro is stupid expensive so I can have all my needs taken care of and quite possibly many of the workers don't have Nat Gas, while I count the bajillions my house is worth and days to retirement...........................

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    Between Woodstock and London JBen

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    2102 Grief

    Hunter John: Thanks

    Seems like a good place to talk about jobs more.

    Fed gov't on hiring spree and the facts the media is skipping on unemployment changes .... two parts

    1) Hiring by Fed
    Locally, the federal government has added 23,200 employees since last July. Some 150,700 Ottawa and Gatineau residents now work for the federal government. That’s the highest level on file with Statistics Canada, which publishes local public administration figures dating back to January 2001.

    2) People giving up looking

    Only people actively looking for a job are formally counted as unemployed, so a decrease in the unemployment number can reflect more Canadians finding employment or more Canadians giving up on searching for a job. In last month’s case, it was both, StatsCan said.

    Provincially, B.C. saw the strongest growth, with 19,400 jobs added. Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba saw modest increases, with Ontario’s jobless rate dipping from 6.4 per cent to 6.2 per cent.

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    Jobs numbers have their uses, but rarely paint a clear picture.
    The unemployment rate doesn't take into account part-time either. So maybe over the last 8 years, of the 500,000 that lost jobs, maybe 100,000 found part time work to pay bills....

    Nor does it reflect the tens or hundreds of thousands of people who lost good jobs, and now because they have soaring bills and kids to feed, have taken jobs that pay far less.

    Ottawa. Is there anything we can glean from that?
    Well one one hand no doubt the population has increased a bit, maybe some are needed, maybe not.
    We do know theres a cost and we do know that Ottawa like the other capital always votes red.

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    The Libertarian Plan for business


    Ontario has everything going for it - abundant natural resources, well educated people, proximity to the largest economy in the world. Yet in spite of these natural advantages, people and companies are fleeing the province for other jurisdictions. The only thing that needs to be changed for Ontario to the most attractive place to work and operate a business is Government policy.

    Our theme for our Jobs and the Economy platform is "Make Ontario a Job Magnet".

    At present, Government intervention in the economy has passed the tipping point. Ontario is no longer an attractive place for people to work and businesses to locate. In all parts of the province, businesses are closing and people are out of work and facing limited opportunities. Government is the problem. A change from the status quo is needed.

    The Ontario Libertarian Party will make Ontario a job magnet!
    Here's how:
    •we will put in place a sensible electricty policy, our theme for Hydro Rates is "Cut your hydro bill in half".
    •we will put in place a sensible Government and Taxation plan, including balance the provincial budget
    •we will repeal the job-killing Cap & Trade Carbon Tax
    •we will end any Government program and service related to mitigating climate change
    •we will end Corporate taxation, of course Corporations will still pay HST
    •we end all grants and loans to Corporations and other entities
    •we will end mandatory insurance with WSIB
    •we will end mandatory registration with the College of Trades

    That is how we will make Ontario a job magnet!
    Mark Snow, Leader Of The, Ontario Libertarian Party

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