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Thread: Sonar vs. Underwater Camera

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    Id look long and hard at a lowrance Elite 5 or 7, but I am biased I guess ( or even an HSD unit if it fits the budget). I have had no good luck with Humminbirds. Won't ever own another one. I have the original lowrance I bought about 20 years ago and it still works.

    A good combo graph/GPS is the most versatile tool there is on the hardwater IMO. ( and then use it on your boat the rest of the year)

    I set my unit on my lap when running on the lake and use the GPS all the time. It is so handy.

    A graph will mark the exact same fish a flasher will, in real time, just like a flasher. Mine has a flasher mode, and I don't even use that. I prefer the graph. Everyone has their preference.

    Hands down a graph or flasher over a camera though. No question.


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    I disagree with you Sinker, Flasher, hands down over a graph. Could Jay set up a vote on this one?

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