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Thread: Fed Issue #29 - Call to add a 10% "Media levy" to pay for "journalism"

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    Angry Fed Issue #29 - Call to add a 10% "Media levy" to pay for "journalism"

    First there is the Netflix tax about to be created and now...

    Now Brian Lilley talks about a report where Greenspawn recommends a 10% levy to fund media, so your internet would go up 10% and that money would go to gov't.

    guess who they would fund, theRebel? Talk radio? No, can be pretty sure it won't be them that get funds... more gov't funded journalists, just what we don't need!

    I agree with Brian Lilley ... CBC is babying the Libs since they got the 20% increase and they should be sold off!

    to listen to more you can hear him nightly at 7pm, talking about PETA's goal of giving animals the same rights a people right this minute.
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    ....and while we're defunding the CBC,let's shyte can the CRTC,too. That's another Liberal abyss we've been sucked into believing is needed.
    Society needs to stop bending to the will of the delusional.

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