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    I made it out to one of my lake trout lakes today.... I only fish this lake a few times each ice season and rarely catch any lakers. I should realize after the amount of time I have fished this lake that it’s more of an afternoon bite, not a day long bite! Anyway, I got to the lake early and was set up in my spot around 9am. It was a great day to be on the ice or for doing anything outdoors related, for that matter!! The wait was on...

    Most of the day all I managed was some small perch. In the afternoon, I had a solid fish on, but I just didn't wait long enough for the fish to take the bait and it was on and off, but it had some solid weight to it.

    In the early afternoon a couple of guys came out and fished another point close by. One of the guys came over for a visit... saying they had fished the same spot yesterday and a had some bites but no fish for their efforts. As we were chatting, one of the flags went off and I said likely just another damn perch... We go over and see line just peeling off the spool..... No perch this time!! The fight was on..... I only had 6lbs line on so it was a tug back and forth and when your hand lining a decent fish its takes a lot of patients!! After 5 or so minutes the fish was at the hole and started to wrap itself in the line and off it went for another good run.... Finally the fish was back at the hole and up it came. Just as the fish was coming out the line broke and I reached down up to my elbow and scooped the fish out on to the ice... What a nice battle!! This was the biggest fish so far out of this lake....
    After a couple of pictures I set my line back up but I had a few more small perch and that was it for my day on the ice! I did however finally use my pop up hut. I've had it for a long time and have had it on the ice a few times and have yet to set it up. Well I tried once and it didn't go as planned...
    I was off the ice and packed up around 5pm and called it another great day on the ice!!

    17-02-20-08.jpg 17-02-20-07.jpg

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    Beauty bud!!


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    Nice Fish and weather too!

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    how are the snow conditions on the trails? Im going to a lodge on the Ottawa river in two weeks and we were hoping to get to some of stocked speck lakes but I am seriously concerned the OFSC trails will be done by then and wont be able to get to the trails to the back lakes.

    nice fish btw
    Things that fly turn me on

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