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Thread: Summer Vacation + Cottage Rentals + Fishing Adventures???

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    Please don't take this the wrong way but you had a cottage on Georgian bay and never caught fish???

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    If its fish you want I suggest anywhere on the Eastern Seaboard, Maine is 10hrs driving then it gets longer from there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mauro View Post
    Please don't take this the wrong way but you had a cottage on Georgian bay and never caught fish???
    Sorry I didn't see this sooner to respond ...

    YES, Mauro!
    I hate to admit it but we were on Cape Chin North and that is not an area where you can easily catch fish from a canoe! LOL

    In that area there are no docks at all. The shoreline is rocky rocky ROCKY and the Bay gets violent beyond belief. We liked it there because it was QUIET and we never had motorboats disturbing the peace or spoiling the scenery!

    My late Father-In-Law had built the cottage in the 60's and they had a canoe and a leaky 12 footer with no working motor. I couldn't take my own boat up because I couldn't launch or park it anywhere...

    The few fishing boats that appeared a handful of times every year were equipped with down-riggers and I never ever noticed ANY of them landing a fish!!!

    I used to go to the Lake Huron side and fish in Stoke's Bay. Had decent pike and smallmouth bass from the gov't dock and canoe, but several FN fishing trawlers were always in the area as well. In fact those fishing vessels are quite active in those areas up to Tobermory and they do haul in some whitefish and trout on a regular basis.

    Anyway, having a cottage or camping on a shoreline doesn't automatically translate into fishing success!

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    five mile lake lodge just south of chapleau is a decent spot.
    good bass fishing with some walleye also, best walleye times are before dark not far from cabins.
    owners are great people. its a small lake as the name says.
    cabins with boat rentals all in good shape.
    there are only a few cabins on the lake.

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    Okay.... I had promised to report back in August, but we all know how time flies!

    I ended up renting a cottage on Madawaska River / Kamaniskeg Lake between Barry's Bay and Combermere. It was a nice, comfortable cottage but it was sold in the meantime and the bank appraiser had to visit one morning during our stay. This means that it may not be available for rent next year unless the new owner continues the renting tradition.
    The cottage next door might be for rent though, because other renters were there that week.

    Swimming was not bad but my family gave it a 7/10.
    No trails for walking or biking, so that gets a 0/10.
    Fishing was okay, meaning that I was not skunked and caught some decent bass.
    There was no boat or canoe at the cottage so I used a toy inflatable and rented a motorboat for the last day.
    I had planned a two day boat rental but then it rained of course...

    Thanks again to everyone who tried to help me find a good place in 2017.
    I am saving all your tips for 2018.


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