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    Quote Originally Posted by Fox View Post
    Joe, you really love to highlight US justified homicides, are you hoping someone breaks into your house during the night? Your fascination with this is a little heavy.

    This is an Ontario hunting and fishing site, I understand this is an Off Topic but pushing US gun rights and the legal ability to kill a man for breaking into your house or on your front lawn or breaking into your car, is this really what the Off Topic is about?

    I think truck reviews, check out my new baby, I am moving and I need to know about a town, etc, are more fitting for an Ontario site.

    I know some people enjoy these but I can start posting every day the mass shootings that are occurring in the US by young white males, leave a little perspective here.
    Hes free to post what he wants....

    that being said the article highlights the importance of being able to protect your own turf. My dad always warned me about trespassing on farmers property in fear they would shoot you with rock salt. The day we cant protect our own property at any cost is a sad day for sure. If only Canada had the same rules. If someone breaks into my house they have a mean snarling dog to fend off which gives me just enough time to get the old shotty out and loaded. What legal battles happen after the fact are not families safety is paramount...Fox im sure you can relate having a young child...wouldnt you do anything to save your family regardless of what the law says?
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    The reason I published the story is because according the details - the shooter shotthe

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    The reason I published this story is because the outcome is somewhat different than would be expected - the intruder was shot in the back - usually this is a no-no - because it is hard to claim that your life was in danger - but what I think happened was the jury was reflecting the feelings of the general public which is getting tired of criminals - either way - one less bum to worry about

    One thought - if you ever watch the UFC matches a guy could easily have his back to you and quickly swing around and kick you in the head and knock you out - anyway

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