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    Hey guys, long story short, just getting back into fishing this year since I was a kid and all I did was sit at the end of a dock and toss my spincast reel in with a worm. This year I went all out and purchased alot more gear and want to know if I've got the right setups for Bass fishing mostly.

    Spinnerbait Rod;
    St Croix BassX 3/8-1oz MH/F
    Shimano Curado 200 H
    (30 lb Braid)

    Flipping/Pitching/Frogging Rod
    Daiwa TeamDaiwaS Flipping Stick - Heavy/Fast (I think.. cant remember, its at the trailer right now)
    Shimano Caius 200
    (40lb Braid)

    St Croix BassX 3/8-1oz MH/M
    Shimano Citica (2016 model I got on clearance)
    14 lb copolymer (never tried this rod yet but the guy at the local tackle shop recommended it)

    G Loomis E6X JWR M/XF
    Shimano Stradic CI4+ 2500
    30lb braid

    the only thing I'm missing is a swimbait rod/setup.. which from everything I've heard its a more of a "when all else fails..or nothing else bites try this.." from a few staff at the local shops. What would you guys recommend?

    This is my first season baitcasting and I've only had one solid backlash up at the lake but I havent had much luck this year, I figure it will be more of a season of just learning to apply to different techniques in the lake. The lake is in between the locks of Ottawa & Kingston and the max depth that I've seen is usually 28 Ft.


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    Looks pretty good to me.
    The braid is ok for the heavy cover however I miss more with braid than mono. I suppose it is the no give characteristics of the braid. Not really a problem with jigs as the feel is better but I take it away from them frequently when using rats and frogs on grass mats/pads.

    When the bite is tough and there are blue bird skies, I drop shot or cast a floating worm, and sometimes use a larger hook that helps the floating worm sink slowly. That works well if they are a little deeper and off of vertical cover like a rock face or a vertical hydrilla weed line.

    All in all I'd say a pretty good setup and especially the finesse reel although I don't believe I have ever used over about 6-8 lb on a finesse rig.

    When I figure they are finicky, I downsize on lure size and line, even more so when fishing gin clear water or maybe use a light fluorocarbon leader if there is "heavy" line on your spool.

    I was "taken to school" on finesse fishing by a friend who is BassPro from Hemphill Texas when he was catching 6-8 bass to my one. He was in the front and me at the back of his boat. He even gave me one of the plastic lures he was using. It made no difference until I rigged a rod that had light line.
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    Hey Miller, sounds like you got steered in the right direction. Above and beyond what you have I think it boils down to personal preference and fishing style. You have good gear; go and learn to use it and use it well. 1-2 seasons in you will start to "feel" something's a little off here or there and go find something that fits better.

    My opinion on what you've got (which is equally as valid as Skypiolot's because it's all about personal preference at this point) is: 1) I throw chatterbaits and spinnerbaits on the same set-up; I consider them interchangeable baits. 2) I would stick with braid for slopwater (topwater in the slop: frogs, rats etc.) but would go no lighter than 50#. 3) For the finesse, again I would stick with braid but I would gear it down to 10-15# and in clear water would add a fluoro leader of 8-12#.
    4) Swimbaits: I have started using these more in the last 2-3 years and am really liking them, rigged either on a shaft weighted swimbait hook or as a trailer on a swimjig.
    Like Skypiolot said, braid (superlines) is for some mono for others... depends on how you fish. When choosing a rod for braid go with a more moderate taper than if you go with mono, e.g. braid: medium fast/ mono extra fast.
    If you want to add a swimbait setup to your arsenal I would take the rod that was paired to the 30# braid and turn it into your swimbait rod (I assume that if it can handle 30# braid it's got the backbone to set swimbait hooks) and get another rod for finesse.
    I would also add a senko to your setup (the swimbait rod would probably double well for throwing senkos)

    Also don't get caught up in this "Men who fish for bass use baitcasters" rubbish, there's a place for spinning reels and there's a place for baitcasters. Learn to use both well and you'll become a better angler.

    Wellcome Back!
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