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Thread: How ? to Mount Combination Side Scan / 2D Sonar / Down Image Transducer

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    Default How ? to Mount Combination Side Scan / 2D Sonar / Down Image Transducer

    Hi, I'm looking for your thoughts on the following method to install a large transducer on a transom? I am considering bolting a piece of 1" x 6" x 18" Trex composite deck board onto my 16Ft Misty River aluminum transom on which I will mount the 11" long Lowrance Elite Ti transducer . ( This will allow me to move it around , drilling mounting holes in the board ,to find the sweet spot with the least water surface turbulence and best signal ) I am considering trying to smooth the double row of rivets on the trailing edge of the hull beneath the transom with JB Weld epoxy , and dropping the planed flat edge of the Trex board so that it is level with the bottom of the boat thus creating a smooth trailing edge with hopefully less water /air turbulence and a better sonar signal.The 1 " thick Trex is much denser than cutting board like material. The boat sits on a trailer most nights. I don't believe the Trex absorbs an appreciable amount of moisture. I figured I would use 6 - S.S. bolts and seal the holes and the back of the board with Marine silicone. The 2 lb transducer is supported by a stainless steel frame but could apply considerable force on the 2- 1" screws which will secure it to the Trex board.I am also considering mounting it on the port ( left) side even though some say there may be prop wash with bubbles at low speed on that side causing poor sonar signal when using the outboard motor) I have read that the hinging bolts securing the transducer steel support to the slotted steel transom mount have a history of loosening on this model , adversely affecting the alignment and direction of the sonar signal and quality of the on screen display. I was told to obtain some specialized star shaped stainless lock washers to stop that loosening from occurring. I would appreciate any thoughts or experiences you might have with transom mounting these large transducers . Thanks!

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