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    Default Muskie Box DIY

    Been meaning to do this for a while as I didn't like having my 'big' muskie baits in the plano boxes so I finally got around to building a box for them in the style I saw a buddy use.

    All that's needed is a well proportioned bin with a good lid and some plastic downspout; zip-ties are just to keep things neat.

    Cut downspout to desired length (for me it was 12"), arrange into bin and then zip-tie them together to keep them form rattling about.

    Then place in bin and add baits:

    I ran out of downspout and ended up cutting up an old rod box from one of my Karsima Sticks.
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    Great idea....good DIY project.

    We were just talking about specialized Muskie Lures on the weekend. My buddy landed a 38 " one on a Bass spinner bait. He was saying that he has now landed 6 Muskie's along that river, all with Bass lures, he rarely has caught one while out fishing with a Muskie lure.
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    Ya, they'll hit just about anything when it's in the right place at the right time. I'll bet he spends much more time throwing bass lures so he will hook more on bass gear. There's just something about tossing 10 baits and waiting for something to hit. Besides I catch some pretty big bass on muskie gear
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