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Thread: Bear and Deer at the same stand?

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    I don't hunt in bear country enough to recognize any definite patterns.. but I can offer a couple of my own observations...
    I hung an electric broadcasting deer feeder and camera in wmu49 a few years ago... Initially, I was pleased with quite a bunch of deer pictures. ... but soon-after, a bear moved in... and bear pictures were all I got after that... I eventually pulled the feeder out, as I don't hunt bear there.. Only deer and moose.

    I do hunt bear in 57, for quite a bunch of years now... To be honest, I don't think I've ever seen a deer while sitting at the baits. I'm sure it happens. I've just never seen it.

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    We shot a doe from our bear stand this season and two days later got a bear. During the spring and fall bear season the I only saw deer when I was in the stand. We did have bear coming in, just not when I was in the stand. The area has a lot of oaks in the area and it isn't uncommon to see deer and bear within minutes of each other.
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