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Thread: Building an ice hut

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    We have an 8x10. Sleeps 4 if needed. We have 2 fold up bunks above the seating benches. Its 2x2 framed with aluminum exterior. The whole thing weighs just over 600lbs....very light, and easy to move. Wood stove is the only way to go. I have used all the heat sources available, but you just can't beat wood.

    Also, consider how you are going to get it to the lake. Ours just fits on a double snowmobile trailer. With a winch on the tongue of the trailer, I can load and unload it myself no problem.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sinker View Post
    I forgot to mention, since portable huts have come out, we hardly use the permanent hut. Didn't even put in on the ice the last 2 seasons. I prefer the flip over huts. Just easier to move around and stay on the fish. Its a bit of work maintaining a permanent hut. You have to be there 2-3 days a week to keep an eye on it, especially the way the weather has been the last few years. More rain than snow.

    My father will be moving 2-300 yards from simcoe getting to the lake will just pull on a trailer or on the snow cover road.. he wants a permanent hut..

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