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Thread: Wild Boar Hunting Ontario

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    My brother in law from Texas was going to hook me up with a few landowners he knew that would have given me free reign and the ammo to eradicate hogs from their land. Very destructive animals. He passed away and so did the invite but a lesson was learned.
    These critters can be a royal terror. A couple of them lost some loyal dogs/pets to these hogs not to mention the other livestock and crops.
    So itís not something I look forward to. That being said, Iíll be more than ready to help out.
    Wild boar is tasty. Just be careful what you wish for. Too much of a good thing ainít a good thing. Remember that sugar high we all got from too many bowls of Frosted Flakes or worse... that first hangover from too much Southern Comfort? Gawd I hate that now. Just thinking of it makes me sick...

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