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Thread: ON and Fed issues - Brian Lilley goes on a rant .....

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    Thumbup ON and Fed issues - Brian Lilley goes on a rant .....

    Listening while doing some work .... he covers alot an dIidn't know what category to put it in so.... New topic but I won't add a number.

    1) Wynne at the bribery trial (you get to hear some of the call), throwing them under the bus, Toronto Star covering up and putting it on page 7 and covering up for Libs .. again.

    2) Justin Trudeau - instead of $100,000 for his Bahama's vacation (the 10th last year) it is $215,000 and that was his 10th vacation. Of the 10 vacations he started the year in St Kitts, a ski trip, a resort that starts at $1100 per night and the Agha Khan's companies island.

    3) Justin's friend getting a job at 2X the recommended pay scale.... (and I won't mention the millionaire trust fund two nannies etc.)

    4) The tax increases alot on this .... while Justin and Morneau tells us to pay for it (two millionaires). Listen to the MP talking about how small businesses taxes could end up with a 73% tax increase .... oh and it isn't applicable to large businesses, only PRIVATE businesses (ie. local businesses restaurants, farmers, doctors.....) .... it is ALREADY 55% and they say it isn't enough ....
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    Has too much time on their hands

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    Brian seems to be the main one talking about our marxist millionaires attack on Canada's economy
    Trudeau .... forking over $400,000,000 to Bombardier while taxing small businesses and calling it fair??? The millionaire trust fund idiot and the millionaire Finance minster (vacation house in south of France etc.) screwing all Canadians that work for anyone but the gov't .... just like his daddy Trudeau is out to do as much damage as possible it seems.

    I like the comments about the difference in the Conservatives and Liberals, Conservatives wake up every day and try to figure out to have people keep the money they earned, Liberal's wake up every day trying to figure out more ways to take away people's money. Brian talks about the tax lies and how in 2013 there 2 million people that earn $100,000 pay over 50% of the total taxes while only 8% of the taxpayers.

    Claiming it is about fairness while they wouldn't know what it was if it bit them in the butt .... yet $10.5M to a terrorist, $400,000,000 to Bombardier ..... this a******* that used to take money FROM charities to speak (unlike the previous REAL PM who donated his time, his book etc.) until he was caught ..... what a slime ball!
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