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Thread: bow hunting for moose and grouse at same time

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    Bring a decent sling shot for grouse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurtis1234 View Post
    Buy small game tips for your bow and practice with your bow so you can hit birds. Easiest solution in my mind.

    I don't think there is any problem having a cocked crossbow with no bolt in it. I wouldn't though because the chances of it dry firing go up. I think there is always enough time to draw the bow if you see something or draw it before you start walking.
    i used my x bow for deer this afternoon. walked past a grouse and nerves got the best of me, thump went the bow and i instantly regretted a 10 dollar decision. archery aint cheap, especially when you are small gaming :P

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    I was stopped by CO 2 years ago archery hunting moose. I was on my way back to bike after following a fresh set of moose tracks, she was there waiting for me. We had a chat she checked my tag and license asked about the gun case on the bike. I confirmed it was my .410. All was good. She said as it was at the moment it was encased and being transported, if I had been carrying it along with my bow there would have been an infraction. So according to my experience with that particular CO, encased on the bike is legal. However when you stop and pull it out to shoot a grouse and your bow is not legally encased, you are likely committing an infraction. Sling shot is a good idea, drop a pinch of #6 shot in and let it fly. Will increase your chances of making a kill
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