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Thread: What do you use to Rattle?

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    Default What do you use to Rattle?

    A few years ago I abandoned an old set of sheds I'd carried for rattling. Instead I went to a much more convenient and safe rattle bag. It just occurred to me that my lack of success rattling seems to have started when I changed to the bag. I don't rattle often because I'm not in an area blessed with lots of bucks. Has anyone else found the plastic pegs in a bag ineffective?

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    Rattling in general seems to be hit and miss with me. I currently use a rattle bag and had the bucks going crazy for a couple days during the rut last year. But like any call, it's not an exact science. Some bucks will come running and some will run away!
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    I got tired of smashing my knuckles with rattling antlers, now I have an old sock filled with various pieces of hard wood. Sounds okay but I saw a rubber mesh bag with plastic rods at Crappy Tire that sounds purty good..........................Daniel

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    I have two sets of rattle bags. Both are filled with various shaped long pics of hard wood. I think the larger one is supposed to supposed to be for elk, but it sounds very similar to the deer. The sound just carries further due to loudness.
    I used to use real 8 point set, but found I was always jabbing myself with them or poking holes in bags. So I switched. I have found caring to two different sizes has bright in more bucks than the real ones I had. It could also be that the bags also allows me to hide my hands behind the tree stand blind easier.... But in any case, they've been good...

    But what I have noticed in past couple years, is the rut in my area moving later in year... Most active after gun! I'm assuming due to weather... They don't really respond to rattle well unless rut is close I find.

    Anyhow that's my take!

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