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    Default 2017 Mazatlan

    It has been an up and down year for me. Lots of happenings in my life...mostly good...but also some troubling times. I was still fishing and catching some new species, but I was quite nonchalant about it and the desire to update the blog and the lifelist simply wasn't there. I barely spent any time on the fishing forums.

    Anyways...I was invited to fish in Mazatlan by my friend George, joined by our friend Josh. We graciously stayed at George's timeshare and enjoyed some luxury that we're not accustomed to. The fishing was fantastic, the food even better and what a treat it was to dip in a pool at the end of each long fishing day.

    I had previous caught 33 new species from Mazatlan. I had an ambitious yet achievable target of 15 new species for this trip. But by Day 3, I upgrade that target to 20 new species and actually finished the trip with 25 new species!

    If you wish to read more, you can start here and navigate through the 6 days.


    If you simply wish to see fish they are.

    Species #751 - Oraangemouth Weakfish (Cynoscion xanthulus)

    Species #752 - Mexican Barred Snapper (Hoplopagrus guentherii)

    Species #753 - Blackblotch Pompano (Trachinotus kennedyi)

    Species #754 - Burrito Grunt (Anisotremus interruptus) - previously misidentified the Silvergrey Grunt for this species.

    Colorado Snapper (Lutjanus colorado) - previous misidentified the juvenile of this species as Pacific Dog Snapper. So I've caught this species in 2015, but this time properly identified.

    Species #755 - Longfin Salema (Xenichthys xanti)

    Species #756 - Bigeye Trevally (Caranx sexfasciatus)

    Species #757 - Pacific Creole-fish (Paranthias colonus)

    Species #758 - Gafftopsail Pompano (Trachinotus rhodopus)

    Species #759 - Pacific Dog Snapper (Lutjanus novemfasciatus)

    Species #760 - Unicorn Leatherjacket Filefish (Aluterus monoceros).

    Species #761 - Threadfin Jack ((Carangoides otrynter)

    Species #762 - Grey Grunt (Haemlon scudderii)

    Species #763 - Mottled Soapfish (Rypticus bicolor)

    Species #764 - Gungo Highhat (Pareques viola)

    Species #765 - Vacuocua Croaker (Corvula macrops)

    Species #766 - Banded Wrasse (Halichoeres notospilus)

    Species #767 - Longnose Puffer (Sphoeroides lobatus)

    Species #768 - Threebanded Butterflyfish (Chaetodon humeralis)

    Species #769 - Bumphead Damselfish (Microspathodon bairdii)

    Species #770 - Giant Damselfish (Microspathodon dorsalis)

    Species #771 - Tinsel Squirrelfish (Sargocentron suborbitale)

    Species #772 - Mexican Hogfish (Bodianus diplotaenia)

    Species #773 - Spotted Head Sargo (Genyatremus dovii)

    Species #774 - Mexican Lookdown (Selene brevoortii)

    Species #775 - Longfin Silverside (Atherinella eriarcha)


    And now some non-fish pics (sorry, not many food pics on this trip since we ate at the same locations, and the same dishes, as my 2015 trip)

    Homemade ceviche

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    Wow nice variety of fish! which ones are the tastiest? Thanks for sharing.

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    Top: Breaded Orangemouth Weakfish (aka Corvina)
    Middle: Grilled Blackblotch Pompano
    Bottom: Coconut-coated White Snook

    In terms of my own personal taste:

    Best: Coconut Snook with mango puree (should add to your bucket list!!!)
    Better: Grilled Blackblotch Pompano collar
    Very good: Breaded Orangemouth Corvina

    They were all extremely good...but that's how I would rank the three.

    This is the simple ceviche I made with the Threadfin Jack with salt, pepper, lime juice and soya sauce. Kinda like poke but kinda like ceviche at the same time but it was a crowd pleaser.

    And one other night, we also had the Colorado Snapper fillets cooked up Veracruz style. Also very good.

    I had the Finescale Triggerfish on my trip in was OK. Very firm meat and I didn't like it as much. We've had grilled Spotted Rose Snapper (whole) before and that was OK too...but if I had a choice, hands down Coconut Snook!!!
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    I just ate supper and now I am all of a sudden hungry again. Nice Feast! Will definitely add the coconut snook as well as the others to my bucket list. Gonna google Veracruz style too. Nice

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