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    Just stumbled across your YouTube channel today while searching bear calling videos. Had no idea that oodmag was making videos so my suggestion would be to put a section in here with your videos. Maybe sticky your best ones, or have threads according to topics and only the moderators can add your new videos relevant to that topic.

    Something to consider is who you want to attract with these videos or what type of hunter. For example I'm a newbie hunter from the city. I'm starting from scratch and have been searching for and watching videos on specific topics to learn from. What I'm finding is that most videos aren't thorough enough to actually teach me to the point that I feel I have a foundation to build from on that topic. For example, I have a couple bear field dressing videos that are 30 minutes+ long and thorough and I've watched them multiple times and will share them while the 5 minute overview videos with a tip or 2 quickly get passed by now. I've also been looking for bear calling videos and have found a couple 2 minute tip videos as well as shaky camera footage of a bear coming to a call but nothing thorough that really explains the dos, donts, whys, and safety tips etc. I believe if someone did a quality 45 minute video it would get a ton of hits, shares, and bring a lot of new eyes to that persons channel.

    That being said, experienced hunters may not be interested in these videos and prefer short and advanced tips and answers so choosing which types of hunter you want to cater to is gonna be a huge factor in this. Do you want more newbies? More veterans? A mix? Anyways, good luck with the forum and channel

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    Just to add to that, most of us are aware that a lot of younger people don't have the patience and attention span to watch long winded videos and I Strongly suspect that's a big factor in most people making shorter videos. But learning about something like hunting is different which requires so much more than a quick fix video or 2 and the more mature new hunters probably sense this. they might not make up the majority of young hunters but there may be enough of them out there to make a positive difference to what you're trying to accomplish here. You just have to make them aware of the forum and yt channel first and then keep giving them reasons to sign up or keep coming back. It would also be a lot easier to find you when you are 1 of the 10 videos that come up if you search for videos, duration 20min+ On a topic rather than 1 somewhere in the2,474,8383 results for the short ones. The quality of the videos you guys are making is definately there, they are really good. It's the duration and thoroughness that I believe could be the game changer for both you as a forum and me as a hunter trying to learn
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