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Thread: Skins,pelts,hides

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    Quote Originally Posted by rick_iles View Post
    No...that’s only pelts from furbearing animals......if that were the case, everybody throwing moose and deer hides out would be in violation. The dumps up north are full of them. The butcher we use up there has a trailer that is usually full of hides, heads and bones that the wolf baiters come and get.....COs in and out of there all the time......



    Abandoned and spoiled meat, pelts, etc.

    Abandonment of meat

    [COLOR=#505050]36 (1) A hunter or trapper who kills game wildlife other than a furbearing mammal shall not abandon it if its flesh may become unsuitable for human consumption. 2009, c. 33, Sched. 22, s. 2 (18).
    Spoiled flesh

    [COLOR=#505050](2) A person who possesses game wildlife that is not a furbearing mammal and that was hunted or trapped shall not permit its flesh to become unsuitable for human consumption. 2009, c. 33, Sched. 22, s. 2 (18).
    Abandonment or spoilage of pelts

    [COLOR=#505050](3) A hunter or trapper who kills a furbearing mammal shall not abandon the pelt or permit the pelt to be spoiled or destroyed. 1997, c. 41, s. 36 (3).

    Thank you for that clarification,Rick. I'm making note of it.
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    I agree with all said above. The main issue is how the bear hide is harvested. Was it harvested under a Bear License or a Fur Manager (Trappers) License.

    In simple terms a bear is only considered as a fur bearing animal if harvested under a trappers license. Once you tag (hunting) the raw pelt and leave the tag on the raw pelt you are in legal possession of it after the closed season. Whereas Trappers do not have to tag their bear pelts, instead they need a holding permit to possess the raw pelt after the closed season.

    Once the pelt has been processed (taxi) or tanned, you no longer need any permit to possess. I am talking a bear in Ontario anyway.
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    This entire post has been very educational especially since I want to get some pelts and / or hides from the local butcher and attempt tanning.

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    Trappers must have a bear tag to trap a bear. Trappers are not allowed to just set bear sets under their trapping license.

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    So I guess you have to skin and save the pelt of any skunk, possum, coon or red squirrel that you might be thinking of as a nuisance animal and shoot them??
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    You do not need a bear tag if you have a trapping license in Ontario
    3. (1) A trapping licence authorizes the holder to hunt or trap furbearing mammals and black bear in the area designated in the licence, subject to section 8. O. Reg. 667/98, s. 3 (1); O. Reg. 369/12, s. 2.

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