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Thread: Owl vs. Dog

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    Default Owl vs. Dog

    I hesitate to post this given the mammoth owl vs. dog flamewar this board went through just a couple of years back. The talon wounds are still fresh.


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    "The language of dogs and birds teaches you your own language."
    -- Jim Harrison (1937 - 2016)

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    Just an owl doing what it normally does, looking for something to eat. I can just imagine how much hate on there is for that beautiful bird.

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    There doing a number on the grouse and rabbit population. Cute beautiful bird.

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    For some people anything that adversely effects their hunting creature of choice(or pet) is to be hunted down and shot or hated. I see all living creatures as deserving of making their way in life. Owls have to eat as do all other animals.
    I had a pup almost taken by a coyote and a setter attacked by a deer protecting her fawn. Obviously , I didn't enjoy the experience ($1300.00) but perfectly understandable to me.

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