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    I like your new format when I'm accessing forum topics from my computer.
    however, it is an irritating pain to try to navigate to a particular forum topic when I'm using my iPad! Quite often I will tap on a forum thread that I want to read, only to find that it took me to the topic poster's personal background description screen instead! This is because your link to the poster's screen is right under the topic link, and too close to differentiate by finger tapping on a small screen like on an iPad.
    can you somehow rearrange the info on the poster's second line - e.g., put the poster's personal link AFTER the date posted so its further to the right, and therefore not as easily selected by mistake?
    e.g., "Started today at 8:45 am by genec"
    This would place the poster's personal link far enough to the right that it wouldn't be as easily selected by finger tapping the topic link.
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    I noticed the same thing. What i do to avoid this is to zoom in a bit and touch the thread you want to see.
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