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    Hey guys looking for some suggestions.

    Im looking at heading up to the Sudbury area late May 2018. I have been up there at this time for the past few years fishing from a boat and have had a great time.

    This year we are talking about hitting up the rivers and trying out our fly fishing skills. What time of year do they have runs, and what is running?

    Can we have luck just spotting a river and walking the banks?

    Any info would be great, time of year, what is running, small tribs vs larger...

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    Not much fly fishing in rivers around Sudbury that I know of. Maybe Mantitoulin for bows. Also likely some river bass fishing in July. I know there are lots of lakes to fly fish for specks, splake and rainbows. How about pike with a fly?

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    I am fine with that. Will have to do a bit of research regarding pike on a fly.

    We are thinking of leaving the boat at home this year and hiking to the back lake/river. We are mostly catch and release, (1 or 2 for sore lunch). Doesn't have to be monster fish, just something to remember.

    Is there areas to stay away from? Our plan was just to turn down a side road until we hit a small river and see what we come up with. Is this a bad idea?

    Cottage booked for end of May/beginning of June weekend.

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    I have had a ton of fun, targeting smallmouth bass on the fly rod. Those large streams and small rivers don't get a lot of pressure. The surface poppers are a blast but I find I get more action subsurface with clousers, wooly buggars,and zonkers. I also like to drift large nymph patterns like a Pats Rubber Legs through deeper pools. Last summer I had my drifting pontoon on a section of the wanapitei for an afternoon and caught 15 to 20 smallmouth nothing over 1 1/2 pounds. I think that's typical of river bass not as big but eager and fiesty.
    I used this clouser.

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    End of May, early June? You're a bruiser for punishment as that's just about the height of bug season and I'll suspect that would impact any fly fishing you plan on doing.
    I've lived this area my entire life and really can't think of a place you can expect any great success.

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