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Thread: humminbird ice ducer question

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    hey everyone i got a quick question about my humminbird helix 5 g2 gps pt... i use it alot for ice fishing and i fish alot for trout in deep water. i recently bought the xi 9 20 ice ducer but as soon as i fish in depths over 45 fow i cant see anything in the bottom its like all clutter i wonder if i bought the wrong transducer or if its my settings

    tks for your help guys

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    Check if you have the correct depth set. I use manual for depth and sometimes forget to set to correct depth i'm fishing. You can try auto depth just to see if it make a diff..
    I believe in Helix 5/7 there is also an option for type of transducer/image you want. See if you have a 2D image. You'll want that for the ice ducer.

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