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Thread: Navionics Card for Helix 5 Si/GPS

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    Default Navionics Card for Helix 5 Si/GPS

    I bought my fishfinder about 2 years ago and I am now looking to get a navionics card for it. I am curious about the different options with the different cards. I am looking for one to cover Erie (which most of them do) but also L Simcoe, & L Nippissing, and a bonus would be Lake Temagami and Red Cedar Lake. I fish most near northern lakes and Erie.

    Are there any good phone app's that show the contours and your GPS coordinates (I am willing to pay for them) as I do not really need them on the same screen as my fish finder? Just the ability to see where the structure is and my GPS location.

    Just curious what everyone is using.



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    I've used the Navionics app on my cell phone. It works pretty well and I think was only around $9.00

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    Here's a link to check out the different chips and their features. You simply have to weigh the cost differences to their features and make your own decision. From experience, most of my customers are finding more than enough value in the Navionics+ Regions chip.

    Navionics is available on both android and IOS.

    Cheers, Kyle Legend Boats

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    I have the same Humminbird Helix 5 Si/GPS and use the Navionic + regions chip that "Legend" included the link to. $150 Works great. Although I have never used the app, I think I would prefer it on the Humminbird just so I'm not holding my phone and driving the boat.
    As you can see in the link, all of those lakes you listed have coverage.

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    I picked up the Hummingbird Lake Master Ontario chip on the weekend and tried it out on Lake O this weekend. Definitely a much needed accessory on the boat. It has more Ontario lakes in the database than Navionics. I can set low water alarms that will be highlighted red and can also target a certain depth that will also be highlighted.

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