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Thread: Ice Shack Plans or Suggestions

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    Hello Folks:

    I have a trailer up on the West Arm of Nipissing. We can have two sheds on our site, each with 100 square feet of footage. So my plan is to build a shed/ice shack that I can tow out onto the ice for next hard-water season. I have looked on-line and have some basic ideas, but was wondering if anyone has plans they would be willing to share? Also, "must have" ideas for the ice shack would be appreciated. I am hoping to avoid the noise of a generator, but might be open to it if it is needed for lighting. Any alternate lighting system ideas would be great.

    To clarify, I am hoping it can sleep up to 4 overnight. I have two sons, but they are getting pretty tall so I am thinking that it may have to be bunks down each side. If so, how wide do you make them? How do I keep my kids or slightly drunk friends from falling out of them? I am open to various lay-outs as long as a skidoo or quad can tow it and it stays under 100 square feet. I was leaning toward 8X12'ish. I am planning on having a wood chip toilet bucket which I will line with garbage bags to take with me when we leave unless there are better ideas. Also plan on heating with wood, so would welcome any suggestions as to size and type of wood stove needed.

    I am wondering if the 1 inch silver/hard foam insulation over plywood and under thin metal siding would be best, or if that will make it too heavy? I also have no idea as to whether I can use 2X2 or 2X4 framing etc. Also roof design and pitch are totally open, as is the size, location and style of door(s) and windows.

    So feel free to share any pics or plans of shacks which have or have not worked.


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    would stay away from the silver foam my experience the ants love it...turned everything to sawdust. Stick with the blue/pink rigid foam board.

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    I know ants love the Blue too.

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    Thanks. I had not given any thought to ants or other pests.

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    You have quite the project on your hands..
    8x12 is a good size, but it will be heavy, so you will need the equipment to tow it.. I had an 8x8 once, and I couldn't get it going with only one ATV, had to use 2. Getting on the lake is no problem, it's getting off in March that's a challenge. Find some good material to make some decent skis.
    As far as heating source.. any little wood stove will do.. something made from 12x12 square tubing is more than enough.. it all depends on how good the insulation is with minimal air leaks.
    For power.. solar panel and battery are sufficient for lights, radio and fish finder really don't need much, and the solar panel has 3-4 days to recharge between uses.

    I had a buddy with a similar situation as you.. in winter it was a fish hut.. in summer he put the fish hut on the trailer lot and swapped the wood stove with a fridge.. sleep bunky!

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