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Thread: Bow tuning on the fly

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    Default Bow tuning on the fly

    This article on the OOD site ( mentions things that you're keeping in your bag incase of issues in the field such as Allen keys and whatever else.

    What are some of the items you pack in your bag when you're out?

    I haven't shot outdoors too often as it's been quite cold, but the few times I did, I noticed a bit of a difference between the way my arrows fly at 30-40 yards as opposed to indoors at 20. Having a way to gauge wind and adjust using my slide sight is actually a big plus, but what would you do otherwise?

    What is the ONE things you cannot leave home without when you're either shooting for fun or hunting with your bow?

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    I carry an extra bow string,Allen key for riser arm bolts,a bow square,cat whiskers and a Leatherman multi tool. If anything else breaks,I guess I'm going home.
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    keep the xbow in the truck for back up

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    If I'm just going out to practice at the range for the day I don't bring much other than allen keys and my leatherman. If I'm going up north for a hunt, I'll bring a second bow as a back up.

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    I take 1 or 2 allen keys, extra D-loop material, a tiny bit of string wax. You can't really compare shooting indoors to outdoors. The way the light enters your peep outside is completely different than indoors. Wind, humidity, elevation, arrow weight etc. all play a role while sighting in for outdoor shooting

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