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Thread: MNRF switching to plastic licenses!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikePal View Post
    There is a reason for that....the plastic doesn't break down as well as the paper in soup....LOL..
    Seems to get pretty soft in the fondue pot.

    We( Karen and I) only buy the bear/wolf tags when we go up north. A bear tag and a couple wolf seals are cheap insurance. I mean just because I take a shot in the general direction of a bear or wolf does not mean my aim can't be off by 12 or so feet on purpose. At least with the tags I can "LEGALLY" send a message that being near me is not going to good for their health.
    Take the warning labels off. Darwin will solve the problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikePal View Post
    I can't wait till they come out with the MNR micro chip, implanted in our trigger finger and then they CO can just scan us for our creds.......LOL...
    Yes actually the micro chip will be wifi enabled and will sync with your new liberal approved "smart" placing your chip finger on the smart gun trigger it will ask permission from Justin Turdeau if the user can fire a bullet. Only Justin can grant authority to fire. Smart gun will be a single shot that will not allow the user to point at anything with a heartbeat and can only be used on government certified underground ranges. Coming soon to a government near you! Sorry if that sounded a little Orwellian.

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