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Thread: Live in the House of commons. Firearms legislation

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    Has too much time on their hands

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    Well what do you think PM Butts put Trudeau up there for, looks like "drama" and a name.... just look at his ethics violations.
    Discussions during the Bilateral Meeting of May 17, 2016
    Mr. Trudeau testified that, despite his relationship with the Aga Khan, he did not have any
    concerns about attending the May 17, 2016 bilateral meeting with him. The meetings he attends
    as Prime Minister are not business meetings. Rather, they are high-level meetings centred on
    relationship building and ensuring that all parties are moving forward together. Specific issues or
    details are worked out before, subsequently or independently of any meeting he attends.

    He knows nothing, they tell him nothing, he smiles and goes on vacation. Just look at the pipeline fiasco going on... two anti-pipeline protesters (BC and AB) and Butts too if you want to include the man in charge ... doing nothing and the another pipeline will die and tens of thousand suffer .... in the news Trudeau in Paris is recording as saying they would like to eliminate carbon and pipelines faster.... constitutional crisis, billions in spending , tens of thousands of jobs and our PM spends on an hour on it when he is in Canada between the Peru and Paris trips ..... His drama career resume will list " "Prime Minister" working for Gerald Butts. Tasks include meeting with criminals and terrorist, delaying/ignoring and lying to victims and 3 hours of duties as assigned per month. Also included being able to repeat lines given on the fly through head set and repeating to every question asked."
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    Has too much time on their hands

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    Seem to be looking for an opportunity to do nothing useful and claim success .... and the definition of assault rifle they will use is???????

    Public Safety Minister to consider assault rifle ban
    Public Safety Minister, Ralph Goodale says he would consider a ban on assault rifles in Canada. “It’s an idea that has been proposed,” he said. “When the details…are available for study I would look at it.”
    May 08, 2018, 5:54 PM

    and after that they will look at ..... sniper riles???

    and no effect on smuggling or crime.

    ... and of course
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