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Thread: Moose hunting in 18a

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    Default Moose hunting in 18a

    Have not been to this area in the last 6 years but looking to go again this year. Any comments on this area. I know all about crowds etc. just looking for opinions on the area. Good or bad.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Fenelon View Post
    It just blows my mind. I wonder if the head provincial biologists who are making the current management decisions about our moose population are genetically linked to the federal Fisheries and Oceans managers of the early 1980's. At least these fishery folks had some common sense when the writing was on the wall and they closed the cod fishery before there was nothing left. I'm completely flabbergasted that they are allowing ANY harvest of cows and calves, esp. in WMUs that have drastic, unexplained declines. I've never has a chance yet to hunt for moose due to fall commitment with work. Was hoping to do so with retirement approaching in a couple of years. Maybe I'll re-channel my conservation donation dollars and buy a moose licence for my wife and I. We have absolutely no intentions on hunting, but maybe we'll be lucky and pull a cow tag each. Given the ethics involved, I'm surprised that there are hunters who are willing to harvest a cow or calf, or am I missing something ?. Sad to say, but I'll probably have to hit NFLD for a chance in my retirement years.
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    the area has been quite quiet for the last several years the race of southern hunters has subsided the area isn't as attractive as it was with mills closed and with little logging operations happening we been in the area since 2007 and been able to harvest 4 moose over the years
    hard work though, never where you can get to by atv ot truck always by canoe the local res keeps anything easy cleaned up for the tourists
    if you go to the area be prepared to come back empty handed added note a lot of businesses have closed and provisions are very scarce up there

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