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Thread: Ick 30'C forecast........Wish me luck for tomorrow

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    Default Ick 30'C forecast........Wish me luck for tomorrow

    Last time out nearly froze my butt off now they are calling for 30'C tomorrow . Thermacell prepped going from heater to intended purpose.
    Hope to get the job done early before the heat really sets in.
    But in any case a bad day afield is always better than a good day at work .
    Time in the outdoors is never wasted

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    Good luck!

    my last hunt will be Sunday.

    Wow that will make 3 hunt's for me this spring. that's about average for

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    So day ended up being the mirror image of my last hunt.
    Hoping to make it a quick hunt before the heat came on settled in close to the last roost tree known to me shortly before legal. But to my dismay only a single hen yelped at sunrise. Picked myself up and returned to where I got my first bird this time settled against a the shady side of a big old maple in a position to catch a bit of breeze. This time the thermacel was needed to keep the blanket of mosquitos away. A round 9:00 am thought I heard a distant gobble but my eyes where closed or actually I was napping so wasn't sure if it was real or imagined. Wasn't till 10 that a tom finally started to sound off. Couple of yelps from me had both him and a hen respond back to me. fortunately I was between them and the trail through the bush provide a path of least resistance towards me. Still took him an hour to get to me gobbling all the way.
    Good end to the season
    DSCN0039 by [url=],on Flickr
    9 1/2" beard, 1 1/8 spurs
    Time in the outdoors is never wasted

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    Congrats great way to end the season i'm hoping to end mine tomorrow morning

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