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    Well, after being setup before first light the first Friday of the season, my brother and I had a Tom come in silent and hot from behind us 20 minutes after legal light. He came right in and started going off on the jake decoy. As my brother is trying to get the video camera going I bring the gun up and pull the trigger. The gun goes off and the Tom is still standing there. Not sure who was more surprised. Chaos ensues. My gun jams and I can't take a second shot and no amount of profanity seems to help. My brother doesn't have his gun ready because he was trying to get things on video. The bird decides that it's time to get out of Dodge and heads for the woods and I get to stew about missing for the rest of the day. I chalk it up to a tight turkey choke and a bird that was very close (I want to believe he moved, but I don't think he did). Later a porcipine walks along the tree line and then a coyote comes in to our set-up. A quick wave of a hat and he takes off. A pair of hens later walk through after lunch but no males are in tow.

    Two hens on the left, jake and 2 hens for our set-up:

    A short mid day hunt a week later on a wet and windy day has only a couple of hens walking through.

    Next hunt is a before dawn set-up in a different location on the same property. A lot of gobbling from where we suspect they've been roosting. About an hour after legal light a hen comes through and sounds like the worst, noisiest turkey caller ever. We can't believe that it's a real bird making those sounds. Soon we hear sounds behind us and shortly after a tom comes in slowly to our set-up. My brother insists I go again, but he does get his gun ready this time. I put the bead on the bird and don't miss. I hit his head hard. The tom does 6-7 back flips on auto pilot and is down. The crows came in behaved like crows so I went out and got the bird.

    Roasted the breasts as part of mother's day dinner.

    No males for my brother that day but 4 days later he made it out solo, got his tom and made it back in time for my kids to see his turkey before school.
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    Cool hunts. This is why I turkey hunt. You never know how your day is going to pan

    I'm kind of relived when the season is over. I can get in to some serious walleye fishing & not always wish I would have went hunting instead...

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    Great story and nice bird
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