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    Quote Originally Posted by Karks View Post
    This is my first year hunting and what an amazing experience. I have a great and patient mentor who I am learning the ropes from. Have a great permission to a 50-acre parcel and another 150-acre parcel, both are full of wildlife - Turkey, Deer, Geese, Wood Ducks and plenty of Coyotes.

    The first morning out, set up in the 50-acre parcel in the cool and rainy weather. Just before legal hunt a mangey coyote darts in at the hen decoy and darts back into the bush realizing it was plastic. 20min later I hear my first gobble from the woods. Then all goes quiet....... Then I see my first bird walking in slowly, with a small strut. Couple more yards he gets closers and BANG, my mentor takes him down. My newness I committed my first real amateur move, my gun was laying across my lap while keeping my hands warm. My mentor who was beside saw my predicament, and that I wasn't going to successfully shoulder my gun. He was apologetic, but I was super happy for him and to see the whole show (and learn).

    Been out a couple more times hearing gobbles, but they just won't come in. Went on my first solo hunt last Friday, set-up heard the gobbles thundering from all directions (heart jumping out of my chest), Gun at the shoulder and ready (quick learner). All went quiet for 45min, I do a quick couple calls and suddenly I hear gobbles over my right shoulder - Damn 2 giant Toms coming in from another field and behind me. I work these 2 for over an hour, they just wouldn't come around or in close, they also don't give me a chance to re-position (I am also working with a torn MCL in my knee). They start making their move into gun range, and a flock of geese come in and 2 Toms wonder off into the bush. Captured all the gobbles and calls on my GoPro... What fun to listen to these 2 responding to this amateurs calls.

    So no Turkey to claim for myself yet, but I am just having an amazing time and experience. I am heading out Friday and Saturday and have grand plans for tagging out, having a great meal and celebrating with my mentor.

    Great forum to learn from and see everyone else's successes!
    Sounds like they are giving you the “treatment”.! Lol.
    You mentioned that you “worked” the approaching birds with no luck. I might suggest, if you hear a bird coming, go silent. He already knows where you are. If you continue to call, he will hang up and wait for you ( hen), to come to him. That’s what normally happens. Gobblers hit their strutt zones and call the hens to them.
    By going silent, an interested gobbler will often times come looking for that “hen”.
    My second gobbler this year did exactly that. I quit calling, but he still was hung up. I waited until I heard him head away from me, I snuck into the bush and set up, no decoy. I called once and in he came....
    Good luck.

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    Agree with Rick, less is better. I take the same approach to decoying ducks, if they are coming in go quiet as they are coming in. Same goes for the turkey. A quick call then silence. I call about once an hour. But who am I to say I haven't gotten a bird this year.

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    Rick is right...did just that yesterday. I saw the Tom about 100 yds out...I clucked a few, saw his head turn toward the hen, I knew he had heard the call and that was it. Put the box down and get ready. He came straight in, like he was on a rope, closed the distant to 15 yds in no time.
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    Season Recap - (I hunt only in the timber) this year toms responded well but hung up at 50-60 yards often gobbling like wild. I did shoot 2 toms but spent 9 days hunting. I did not see 1 jake all season.
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