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Thread: Personal ethics, laws and hating on other hunters

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    Default Personal ethics, laws and hating on other hunters

    I have seen a few threads recently where someone was asking a question about a 100% legal practice that involved hunting and was attacked for their personal ethics on the matter at the same time as other posts with blatantly illegal practices being considered totally acceptable by others on the forum.

    There was another thread where one guy was asking why the posting rate has gone down and or the quality of the posts has diminished.

    I would ascertain that people just getting into hunting or a different aspect of hunting are sick and tired of being the brunt of abusive by posters whose ethics are different than their own.

    I speak to the use of buckshot for deer, penetration testing of ammunition, turkey hunting on the roost, grouse hunting on the ground, duck hunting from a canoe, bow hunting at "X" range, etc.

    We are a fraternity of hunters, we are a very minimal spec of the population in North America and we should be standing up for all legal methods of hunting and all legal practices. If you choose not to hunt deer with dogs then fine, you should choose not to hunt with dogs but when someone asked the best breed to use keep out of the conversation, don't come on and say that it is not ethical to chase the deer and you only screw up the other guys hunt.

    For all those who keep coming on and saying how inexperienced I am at hunting or at life, etc, you have no clue who I am. To a very small group of Eastern Ontario hunters on this forum who have met me outside of the forum you know who I am and how I live. You know my challenges when it comes to hunting time, family time and work requirements. You do not criticize me for not spending 50 weeks a year in the field and talk to me about the weeks we were able to make it out. You ask me questions about what I may have more knowledge of and give your experiences and pass along your knowledge of what you are more knowledgeable in.

    I would like to continue being a member of the forum that supports those new hunters and help build their experience and I realize that I will always be learning when it comes to these sorts of things.

    Lets keep things fair and civil and move along.

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    Yup pretty much agree with you.
    When discussing on an open forum one should adhere to the highest standards. I think of it like being in school. The teacher sets the highest standard and expectation for their students because once they leave the class room most fall to a lower level. For those that want to bend the rules I'd suggest a pm on how to do it otherwise on the open forum at least give the illusion that we follow all rules to the letter. For those that choose to knock a legal activity don't.
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    fox, you forgot a couple I have been accused of. Keep in mind the follow is all legal. Fish to big, fish to small and my personal favourite, took to long to get limit. This is why I don't post pictures anymore. I didn't even come back to this forum for almost 2 years as people don't read what you do post or don't care and give their opinion when it was clearly stated in the post not wanting to do certain things, but all the replies to my question were do this, which was exactly what I said I didn't want to do up front to stop suggestions that I wasn't going to do. There are some very helpful people here, but a few just can't help themselves. It like this on all forums, so guess you just have to live with it.

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    X2 Fox, as long as it is legal go for it. Look at it from other hunters eyes, physical ability, hunting time, experience and so on and not just yours.
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    Right On Right On Right On

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    Like mentioned it's a public forum. Everyone has a different opinion some will agree with others,while others will agree with a different group. When you have a large group it's hard for everyone to have the same opinion or agree on the same things.

    Look at a 12 person jury some times they just don't agree on the same things.

    If we were all the same life would kinda be boring would it not. Since its a public forum there will be all kind of things said some will agree and other won't. But since its public we will all have to deal with different thoughts of what people have. It's only the web take it with a grain of salt.

    For one I don't like keeping the jumbos I know many who love them . I will let them go and keep the 9s 10s and 11s those are the one I like. But any way I'm off to see if the jumboes are in yet lol. Maybe there will be some nice eaters for me to brings home for lunch tomorrow.

    Piece out and remember it's only the web if you don't like it ,well that's ok cuz someone else might. Don't take it heart it's only the internet

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    "We are a fraternity of hunters"

    Except for the 'citiot' hunters Fox?
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    Forum going sideways was brought up several time lately ,and You are absolutely right-we as forum members can and perhaps should do a better job of respecting each others!
    Doing this while understanding , E-way of communicating is always easier then in person,so many ppl can say many things.Sometimes they /we come across wrong way,perhaps on purpose,perhaps because reading an E sentence is open to interpretation.
    One great way of communication perhaps is avoiding criticizam of others,and this is done best way, if it goes both ways..........
    At the end we shall however understand,that people do have opinions,they say it,and they stand up for it.As long as that opinion is"reasonably"respectful as much as them-I-or You = we all have a right to say our opinion.
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    One thing I will say I never worry about anti hunters, we really don't need to worry about them.

    Hunters will very easily destroy themselves and their sport and the writing is on the wall.
    "This is about unenforceable registration of weapons that violates the rights of people to own firearms."—Premier Ralph Klein (Alberta)Calgary Herald, 1998 October 9 (November 1, 1942 – March 29, 2013)

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    Socialism has an entrance and an exit. Vote your way in and shoot your way out.

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