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    Was a tough first year. Got 7 of my 10 Beaver, a bit shy of needed 8 but was not from lack of effort.

    I'm filling out the year end form and doing the trappers licence renewal today so it arrives before June 10. A buddy and me want to combine efforts next year so less quota pressure while we still learn.
    I will renew as Head trapper. My buddy will be the Secondary/Helper Trapper so we can share one quota.

    So on my renewal, I will select 'A' Primary Trapper.
    Do also select 'B' Additional Helper Trapper for $16.95 on my renewal form to pay for my friend? Or is that selection if I want to be a Head plus Assistant trapper?

    For my buddy to be my Assistant and cancel his Head Trapper status, I assume he should not do the easy renewal and instead submit a new application to the Ministry so they cancel his quota and assign him as a Helper Trapper. Correct?
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    Are you both trapping registered traplines ?
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    I believe Yes. I have the registered trap line on 500 acres of private land and my buddy has the adjoining 100 acres of private land. Due to amount of swamp/creek on property vs dry land, we would like to get our combined total Beaver quota lowered from 20 down to minimum of 10.
    We are looking at doing this by stopping his status as head trapper on his 100 acres but to keep his trapper licence for 2018-2019. This way he can occasionally join me when trapping.
    Thinking neither of us should not do the easy renewal with the Year End mail in. I can then visit our MNR rep in Bancroft with the full applications. I can get the full trap line of 600 acres registered to me. Then our MNR rep will know how to do buddies licence so he is the Helper trapper.
    Was looking if there was an easy way to accomplish this from our easy renewal forms.
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    Email, Ontario Fur Managers, directly and ask them the question, so you get the right answer.

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