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Thread: Fishing from Inflatable Zodiac?

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    Default Fishing from Inflatable Zodiac?

    Has anyone here ever owned an inflatable boat or Zodiac type craft? I am considering buying a 12 footer and matching it with my 9.9hp two stroke Mercury. I have only ever had one experience with in inflatable boat, my brother in law has a 12' Sea Max that we used to float down a couple rivers in northern Ontario to fish for Salmon and Trout. I am considering it for local small lakes because I like the idea of not having to store a boat or trailer all year. The Canadian companies I have researched are Stryker, Innovocean, Sea Max are there any others I am missing? I should also add that I am looking for an aluminum floor model as opposed to an air floor. Thanks
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    That's what I take with me when I go camping up north , with a 2 hp . I gets me around the small lake and slow moving rivers.
    Easy to store and assemble in about 10 minutes with the foot pump. Mine is a 10 ft Avon with aluminum floor that just rolls up with it .
    I have been thinking about going to a larger engine , so I could go a lot faster.
    But then again I'm not in a hurry.

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