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Thread: 100 acres recent vacant land sale Coe Hill area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by toddy View Post
    Based on my experience after trying to sell my house recently to make the jump to a bigger home. I am in whitby, the prices aren't dropping fast, but they are coming down because houses are sitting on the market an average of 40 days. We chose not to sell and wait a bit to see how things go. The reality is, the people buying homes valued higher then 500 k are people that have small mortgages or people that have sold and are moving out of Toronto. The market is priced too high right now. Expand outside whitby to say port perry and houses are sitting on the market for 80 plus days because everything is overpriced.
    No kidding, its disgusting what has happened to the housing market. Overpriced is an understatement

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    Was it in WMU 60 or 61?
    As far as being stripped of trees, that would result in a lot of browse for deer and moose. There are both in the area, I almost hit a cow and a calf on Hwy. 62 this summer.
    With that land, I would find a prospective area to plant apple trees in, fence it off for a few years to keep the trees safe from the deer then open it up.
    Itís pretty easy to get an antlerless tag in WMU 60.

    A bad day hunting or fishing is better than a good day at work.

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    Whitetail populations soared when the settlers broke the land.
    One of our gang was a tree marker and its true about the paint scheme. He had to put reserves around certain wildlife nests etc so its not slash and destroy.
    The Great Lakes St. Lawrence mixed forest we are speaking of replaced the virgin pine of the 1800's and moose and deer dont eat pine.

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