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Thread: Simple Stixs.

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    Default Simple Stixs.

    Two 3/4 inch x 48 inch long hard wood dowels, stained /varnished whatever to protect the wood.
    Two 3/4 inch copper caps as used in copper water pipe, drill hole of appropriate size to accommodate 2 inch long # 10 or 12 brass screw , solder in screw from inside into each cap
    Fit caps on end of each 3/4 inch dowel.
    Hold together with two O Rings of appropriate size, one near the top the other near the bottom.

    To use just slide lower O Ring towards top , spread the legs and they are ready to use, either prone , sitting on ground or sitting on stool, fully adjustable for height as you can slide the O Rings up or down to where needed, I usually place a glove into the wye created , to pad the sticks when shooting.
    When not in use, slide O Rings back to near the top and bottom, then you have a walking stick.
    The O Rings last for years, and are cheap.

    With the screws in the bottom , they can be used as ice picks in the winter should you fall through the ice, as they can be very quickly deployed.
    I have made a few of these over the years , they last a long time and two guys used them to get out of the water when they broke through the ice crossing a pond that was quite deep.

    I hope this is descriptive enough
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    Great idea.

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