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    2213 Bias 2019 Election

    Just spent about 20 minutes quizzing and talking to a local Conservative MP candidate....

    Points I liked:
    She was an immigrant but felt the Libs were being dangerous and she had entered legally.
    Deficit ... needed to get under control
    C-75 - you could see she was actually rather pi**ed at this one
    C-71 and Firearms - she lacked some knowledge but had tried a range day and had fun and was open to getting PAL, her views on rifles I am not sure since she seemed to just talk about farmers and shotguns, I pointed out there used to be ranges right in Toronto and even many of the banks had rifle teams up until the moron mayor closed them.

    She also pointed out Patrick Brown was running for the Mayor of Brampton and some other local issues.

    So shall we come up with a list of questions for the local candidates? What do you think of these points?

    1) View on current status of immigration?
    2) Bill C-75? (IF they are serious they would know what is going on)
    3) Spending and budgets?
    4) Bill C-71? Have they ever fired a gun or taken the course? Can they answer basic questions or repeat media?
    5) Foreign policy? Stabbing Trump in the back over NAFTA, Chinese steel and tarrifs, Saudi Arabia ....
    6) Carbon tax (I didn't get there)
    7) Election reform bill, I need to look at it more myself.

    View on other local concerns is a good topic but would be specific to the area. Overall the goal should be #NoLibs2019 but also to get the best local candidates too! Being a member and voting in the MP candidate selection seems like a good idea!
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    Everyone with a Liberal MP should be deluging their riding office and parliamentary office with letters and phone calls stressing that their voting record will be scrutinized,not just on this issue,but,every other issue,too. Mine is Erin O'Toole. He let me know I'd be preaching to the choir. LOL
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