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Thread: How do they work out the antlerless quota for an area ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick_ca View Post
    Reason Im asking is area 73 where I hunt I see does more than bucks? I know that the does will bring the bucks in but I'm not trophy hunter I just enjoy eating venison.
    Do you use trail cams? I get more pics of bucks than does all summer but still see more does than bucks once hunting season rolls around.

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    They combine the winter severity index, reported hunt kill and reported road kills. And believe it or not they actually count droppings in winter yards where they do yard up. Not all areas have winter yards though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blasted_saber View Post
    The hunting reports are not to get an actual number of deer present, it is to show a trend and in relation to last year. Example - Hunters are seeing more or less deer then last year. The actual number of deer seen doesnt matter.

    My understanding of the quota is that it is attained through a number of factors including the hunter report, but also collisions, length of winter, temperatures through the winter, amount of snowfall, and probably other things.
    i remember my hunting instructor saying winter makes the biggest difference. mild winter more doe tags is what he said. made sense..

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