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Thread: CVA Muzzleloaders and Cabelas / Bass Pro

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    Thanks Frati and Big Jack,

    I went to CT Smith's Falls today and they had the Wolf Blued / Black (plain jane) on sale for $245. They also had the Traditions Buckstalker redi-pak for $439 (but The Hunting Store in Richmond near Ottawa shows the same thing for $299). Smith's Falls CT also had the TC Impact in the starter kit for $395. All said I think I prefer the CVA product after all the positive feedback here. Decisions, decisions, decisions....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Jack View Post
    My biggest concern Frank would be whether the scope could handle the recoil.

    Thatís often the problem I see at the range.

    I remember blowing up two Trophy DOA 250 3-9 muzzleloader scopes in one range session. There are certain scopes that just wonít take it. On the other hand had I used a standard trophy 3-9, I likely would have had no issues.

    The other one I canít stand is the trophy 1.5-6 that are often in combo kits. Absolute junk. Donít know why but it must have something to do with how they are assembled.

    Keep in in mind I am a Bushnell fan and have had zero problems with the rest of the trophy line - just those two....
    That's good to hear I just put a trophy DOA250 on my optima and another DOA200 for a slug gun I'm getting this weekend. I like the reticles that bushnell has for certain applications compared to other brands and couldn't turn down the $100 price tag on them. Guess I'll see how they hold up when I sight them in.

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    Good thing for you is Bushnell warranty!

    I don’t know how the 200 will hold up but I worry for you on the 250.

    Hey maybe I just got really unlucky.... twice in the same day....

    They also could very easily have fixed their problem in production since my experience. Let us know how it works for you.

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