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Thread: Manitoulin rainbow areas?

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    Hi everyone. I went on a day trip with my family last weekend as my wife suggested we travel to Manitoulin to check out the scenery. We were suppose to go to tobermory but didn't realize you had to take a ferry across and as we tried calling to book a spot it ended up being full for the day. Anyway we still made the most of it and travelled the area and went to Gore Bay and bridal veil falls which was nice. I packed my fishing rod just incase and we pulled over on the road where we seen a small lake and ended up catching a nice 4-5lb smallie. It put of a great fight as it jumped out of the water a couple of times. That was my first time fishing this year and my first catch and release of the year. Enjoyed it so much. I started doing some research recently to pick out some other spots to try because we're thinking of making that trip to tobermory and read there are trout and salmon in the area.
    I've always wanted to catch a trout and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on where I can get my hands on a rainbow along the way? I will only be fishing from shore.
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