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Thread: Warm Weather Moose Meat Handling

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    More detail on the cold storage please..

    So how it going down there? Are you now a bear guide. I quickly looked up the regs. Do non residents now need to enter a draw or did I misunderstand?

    Did you ever get out to the Cains or Bartholomew rivers?

    Hope you had a nice Summer down there.

    Quote Originally Posted by Greenhorn View Post
    I’m finally getting around to build my 10’x12’ cold storage. Insulation R30-R 40on all sides and ceilings. E/l hoist to skin and butcher bears. I’m going to tile inside.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Glen Murphy View Post
    I agree with not shooting anything in hot weather. The butcher won't take it if the meat is to warm. I have had to let two moose walk in 70 degree weather knowing i couldn't clean it or chill it before the flies got it. This is the price you pay for wanting to be there before anyone else and hunting in warm weather. It's to warm in most of October now, Global warming is a real thing. Just because Trump says it isn't, anyone who hunted in the 80's knows the Ice would freeze after thanks giving. It's a month later now. If the flies are out, you are doomed.
    We started hunting Moose in our area (WMU50) in 1999 when we put our camp together. For the next 4 years,we were hunting in snow and freezing rain every year. That was the most productive time taking 7 bull Moose. The next 5 years saw the weather change gradually from cold rain to cool days still suitable for hanging Moose at the camp until we went home. During that time,we only got skunked twice as the weather got progressively warmer. We still managed to take 3 bulls and a bull calf. From the 2010 season,we found ourselves only needing light jackets until early morning when we peeled down to light jeans and t-shirts for most of the day. That's when the MNR started the tag cutbacks which really frustrated us because we were still seeing plenty of mature Bulls and Cows with calves. We took a few calves,but,quickly realized in the ensuing years the folly of taking out too much breeding stock. Moose populations plummeted from over-hunting calves,tick mortality (never had seen anything so devastating),Black Bear population had soared (eating everything in sight),adult tags suffered further cutbacks to today where they're almost non-existent,temperatures continued to go up (last two year we were swimming in the lake). Things have been definitely changing and not for the better. According to the Old Farmer's Almanac,that could suddenly revert this year with below normal temps and above normal s precipitation starting at the end of this month. We'll see if they're close to being right. It would be nice to sit on a Moose or Deer watch without getting eaten alive by bugs.
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