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Thread: 8mm Mauser

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    The ballistics are similar to that of a 30.06. My first rifle was an old 98 from the Boer war that I bought for $35 back in 1976. I never shot anything with it, and misplaced the bolt when I went away to college. Never did find it so I turned the rifle over to the police for destruction, which I now regret doing. I never did remember what I did with the bolt.

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    The best way to determine if the receiver is 96 or 98 is to check the bolt. On the 98's there is an addition locking lug just ahead of the bolt handle. It was a backup to the breech locking lugs, in the event that they should fail. There is a cut out in the receiver to accommodate it when the bolt is closed. When they converted Mauser rifles to Mauser shotguns, they fell back on this additional lug lock to lock the bolt as most of the grooving for the breech lug locks was remove to allow for the larger shotgun shell. In the 95 and 96's there is no additional locking lug ahead of the bolt handle, the breech lug locks being more than adequate to contain the chamber pressure.

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