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Thread: Lure vs Smear tutorial

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    Default Lure vs Smear tutorial

    I am trying to learn more about lure vs smear for Beaver.
    From what I have learnt is that lure is better above water because it is typically water soluble.
    Most lures are castor based.
    Lure is a short term attractant that washes away quickly with rain/snow.
    Smear is typically less water soluble. Lasts a long time and activated again when touched or rubbed even weeks later. Is it a food attractant only? Is there a Fall vs Winter vs Spring preference on how smear is used? How is it properly used?
    Looking at trying the SAPS products this year.

    Any tutorial on the benefit of smear would be appreciated.
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    Scott's SAPS products are all fantastic.
    For me, a small amount of lure on some grass or twigs laid/wired over a conibear or it's trigger wiskers or over a drowning foothold always brings the prize.

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    I like Scott’s original beaver lure best , I’ve used both it and the smear style lure
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