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Thread: Time to upgrade decoys

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    Default Time to upgrade decoys

    I used storm fronts now for 5 years and I am planning on upgrading my spread. I picked up a dozen ghg mallard decoys and they look impressive. Whatís everyone using for floating decoys? Generally I hunt ponds/marsh with the odd open water from a boat. I have been using strictly mallard decoys.

    Also, how do you store them? I noticed with using the mesh bag, the paint took a beating. I switched to decoy bags on my new dozen I bought. Iím using tangle free line, j hooks and elastics.

    Im not biased to any brands, Iím just looking for a great decoy.

    Any insight or advice would be great.

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    I use TangleFree they look good, good for the cost.
    I also have some Bigfoot floaters that are 10yrs old and are probably the most robust goose decoys out there. They've not been treated nicely and still look great - not as pretty as the TangleFree but still ...

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    Avian X goose floaters are great looking and cab stand rough treatment. Not cheap but one of the best looking decoys you can buy. Their duck decoys look incredible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by red_devil View Post
    I’m using tangle free line, j hooks and elastics.
    Watch that tangle free line, it likes to snap in sub zero temps.

    GHG for us, and slotted bags.


    Bills n' Thrills.

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    I was concerned about the freezing part and iffy on using pvc. I spooled with black pvc line initially and every inch of it snapped before I even made it to the water. The tanglefree is much thicker than that garbage. Im used to braided line but I wanted to try something new.

    I put the new ghg in slotted bags as well. I see it being easy to put out in boat but a pain in the water.

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    I use my orange turkey decoy bags to hold the duck decoys...
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    Stormfront, GHG, avian, higdon,one off's( mixed brands) from the few dollars per decoy bin, what ever I can get my hands on when I got some cash and I can get away with buy more decoys.

    They are stored in big green mesh bags, that get overstuffed to the point you can almost not lift them.

    My mallard decoys are all shades and sizes. The colors vary from bright colors to at ten feet you have to really look to tell the drake from the hen.

    Repaint them as needed, but always in matte flat colors and apply a little clear coat thinned with paint thinner.

    Birds come is different sizes and shades so my decoys should too.
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