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Thread: Spypoint cellular trail cam - not working

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    Quote Originally Posted by chesapeake View Post
    I thought I heard there was a software change to go to a new platform or service provider.

    I havent updated or hooked mine up this year to confirm

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    Apparently I need a firmware update. They have my email address. Why would you not email out a notice rather than have all your existing client base have to call your help desk wondering what was wrong. SPYPOINT doesn't have their own help desk. They use Zendesk and the people there don't know anything about the cameras or even basic electronics other than what is in the documentation provided by spypoint. The first guy I contacted (email) said I had to take it back to the retailer (its over a year old). The second guy (email again) insisted that it was out of warranty - its a 2 year warranty - and that I need to ship it back to spypoint to get it repaired. No attempt at troubleshooting. The third guy I spoke with over the phone. He said there was a bulletin about a firmware update. To do that they need to configure something online so that the camera will update the firmware. First attempt at this, the download failed and it won't retry again until I have them set it up again to retry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smitty55 View Post
    The fact that it works for a month before dying indicates to me that it would be related to batteries not providing enough power for the transmission but still enough to take pictures. The easy way to test is to put brand new batteries in after it fails again. No matter what brand of camera it is, they will all work better with lithium batteries, much longer lasting and far better function in the cold. Plus their power curve is much better, straight across right till the end and then a sudden drop in power.

    Link-S has solar rechargeable battery. Right now they are at 91%. Backup alkalines are at 100%.
    I'll replace the alkalines.

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    New batteries and firmware upgraded. You can do it by downloading the firmware to the sd card, putting the SD card in the camera and holding the menu button while turning the camera on. None of that is included in the latest version of the operator's guide - the word "firmware" isn't even mentioned. Anyway - will try setting it out on Friday. Still more than a little bummed that a $500 camera will have been offline for the first three weeks of deer season.

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