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    Gsp has a rash on her underbelly and arm pits, some look like little zits. Day after being in water/golden rod. Anyone ever get this? I have some medicated shampoo will try that. Trying to avoid another vet visit.

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    I have a dog that has had it twice,dog broke out in a rash/small pustules. After getting in some swamp while grouse hunting. I was told by the vet that it's a bacterial issue with the water. After a week or so it went away .

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    Sounds as if it could be a staph infection .... common cause can be wet / damp dog and either warmer temps or just body warmth to create a good environment for bacteria to grow. One good reason to use a "chamois" to give your dog a quick dry off when they come out of the water and before they are put up. It may clear up, but the vet may suggest an antibiotic like cephalexin.
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